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Dick McGee PAL Athletic Fields, Fairfield, ME 20110607

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Youth Sports Hub – Fairfield, ME

Dick-McGee-Fields-PAL-Fairfield-ME-Little LeagueIt doesn’t take long for someone new to a community to realize that a primary hub for all youth sports in Fairfield resides at the Dick McGee Police Athletic League (PAL) Fields.  Throughout the year on any given Saturday you will find competitors suiting up for football, soccer, baseball, field hockey and more.

In the fall we traveled there for Saturday morning PAL soccer games and then came back later for PAL football.  And this spring has soccer in session as well as PAL little league baseball.  For as much time as we’ve spent there, I’ve come to really appreciate not only the tremendous facilities, but, seeing how it brings together a community of people.

Dick McGee, George Taylor, Billy Donahue and Fred Gould

Dick-McGee-Fields-PAL-Fairfield-ME-20110607-postUpon turning down the industrial park road to the fields, you are greeted by the sign commemorating its namesake – Dick McGee, and three others – George Taylor, Billy Donahue and Fred Gould.  Each one a committed community member to the youth athletic programs in Fairfield.  And each one worthy of their own People story.

It has been quite an experience for us personally to walk into the athletic history of the Fairfield community.  Whether you are a Bulldog, Purple Panther, Eagle, Black Raider, Mustang or any other, to me history can always be appreciated.  Many of the current PAL coaches and parents were former PAL players themselves, thanks in part to the legacy of committed community members.


What are your favorite memories of the PAL program? Post in the comments below, thanks!



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